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Now every people are getting modern and smart but in this competition young people are ahead. They are very smart and very intelligent. They prefer to use internet and they are connected with different social networks. This is why, they get all news and updated information fast. Many young people use social media in their mobile and for using internet at cheap rate, they prefer Wi-Fi. Mobile operator based internet is very expensive and not so faster but Wi-Fi is very fast internet connection and very smoother. A router is enough to convert your internet connection to Wi-Fi. You need an internet connection that’s all. By spending minimum $30 USD, you can buy a nice router.
You have to decide what routers suites you. When you seek on the websites or visit any store for buying a router, then you will get multiple options. This is why, you have to choose your demanding router. Many people use different and this purchase is based on many criteria. You have to understand few things and then you can decide to buy a router. You need to calculate your location and you have to make idea that how many devices (smartphone, tablet PCs or Laptops) may remain connected with the Wi-Fi in the similar time.
After buying a router, then your next duty will be the settings and configuration. To configure the device and all of the settings, you need to connect the internet connection with the router. This is very easy and you have to plug the power cable and all of the connection. You have to connect the Ethernet internet cable with the router. Everything is very easy but if the user read the papers and manual which come with the device, then everything will be easier and faster. All of the necessary and primary instructions are available in the router manual and papers.
Now the users need to collect some information like default IP address, username and password. For the first time and later, you need to use all of those default information. You have to use the IP address for various purposes. That is why, you should keep all of the default information for later use and you should make a note. But the default IP address has lot of uses and this is why, you should find the IP address. The IP address is a common default IP address and I have found that Linksys router mainly use this IP address. Username and password are “admin” in common in many routers.
Download your favorite browser and on the browser address bar you have to type the raw IP address and press on the Enter button from the keyboard. A login screen will pop up. On the login screen, user have to use the default username and password. Now again click on the enter button. If you have put everything properly, then you will login to the router control panel. Now you can set up all of the setting by reading the router manual.
The default IP address should not be changed until it is necessary. A user of the router will change the default IP address when the user will face any problem for the IP address. IP address confliction problem is a common problem which occurs for the IP address. In this problem, in all of the devices the IP addresses remain same. If there are some default IP address like in the same network and in multiple devices, then the user should change the IP address. In the same network, those IP addresses cannot be similar.
When you face IP address confliction problem, then you have to change the IP address and you need to know how to change the IP address and how to use a new IP address to manual IP address. For changing the IP address, you have to read the router manual properly. Based on the IP address, the IP address class is Class C and you can know about the class from the front of the IP address. The two first portion denotes the IP address class. The manufacture does not let you change the IP address class and this is why, you cannot change the first two portion.
However, you have to maintain the IP address class and range of the IP address. The IP address from class C has IP address which starts from to Now the user can use any number from the number of the IP address range. The IP address range is from 0 to 255 but user cannot use any number from away from the range. If the user tries to change the IP address and setup a new IP address which does not follow IP address formation rules, the IP address will not be accepted by the router.
Some contents can make the IP address false and you need to know all of those thing. First, you cannot place any letter or word with the IP address. You cannot setup any more or less dot in the IP address. You cannot use any symbol, sign or space in the IP address. According to the IP address formation, in the IP address, there are 3 dots which can be placed. If user use more or less dots, then IP address canjo9t be useful. The users should think about all of those thing for making the IP address.
If you change the IP address and setup manual IP address which cannot remember. This is why, the user can use “ipconfig” command on the Command prompt page, the user can learn about the IP address detail. The default gateway is the IP address what you need to know. If the user cannot remember the other manual setting like username and password, then the user cannot login to the device control. It is also not possible to recover the username and password. That is why, all of the manufactures of the networking devices come with the reset button. By pressing the reset button for few seconds, the router settings will be restored to default. So, now user can use all default information.
Most of the things are available in the router box and you can learn about your router and networking device from the router manual. This is why, it is possible to learn from the router manual. For the device configuration, user should follow the router manual rules and users can take help from the YouTube.com. In those sites, there are many valuable videos available which are related with your router.